Sunday, November 29, 2015

Such a time we have had!

It's been a whirlwind Thanksgiving week, but such a nice time!
The boys were off, and so they were able to spend lots of time with friends and go skating, and sleep in and then loaf around. It's a good thing once in a while.
John hasn't had much time for loafing. Target is keeping him busy, but the paychecks make it all worth it!
Tim was off a lot of the week, but he wasn't loafing either! We have been planning to fix up the attic spaces under the eaves to make space to store things that we have to keep, but don't need to access.
Getting it done was no small job, but the first one is finished!! It was so great to finally be able to move all the school papers and other memorabilia into a clean, safe area. The old family photos, papers and archived information can be stored up there until someone needs it.

Thanksgiving was quiet but very nice. It was just our family, but we had a very nice day, with LOTS of food. We are still eating it.

Tim and I went up to Cecil College to usher for "West Side Story". It was a great production, and the two leading voices were wonderful! They are still having a bit of trouble with the sound system, but the actors overcame it and put on a great show!

Now, a quiet Sunday evening at home, before school starts again tomorrow.

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