Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Cozy Day

Sure, it was raining and icky outside, but so much the better to stay in and catch up on a lot of tasks that got put off over the weekend, plus it's just nice to be able to look out at the rain and know that I can stay inside!
I got some bills paid, the laundry is caught up, school went well, I got my planning for Friday co-op done, and the email is under control!
The boys had drama at the activity center, but that's not too far to drive.

Tomorrow will be different....

9am- The contractor is coming to start the tile job in the upstairs bathroom.
11am- Brendan has Math.
1pm- John and Brendan to PE
1:30pm- Jen and Paul head up to Wilmington for GI appt.
6:30pm- Brendan and Paul have another rehearsal.


I will post a few "before" pictures of the horrible, terrible, bathroom, before they tear into it.
So excited!

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