Saturday, October 22, 2016

Happy Feast Day Papa!

Today is the feast of our dear St Pope John Paul II, or as I frequently refer to him, our dear Papa.
He is such a central figure in my life, and always has been, even when I don't recognize it.

The theme of Mercy has been resonating so constantly in my life lately, and this was something that our dear Papa taught us throughout his time with us. Being at the foot of the Cross in Confession this afternoon, and knowing that the flood of Christ's Grace and Mercy was right there for me in the Sacrament, I am strengthened and encouraged to go out and conquer those stumbling blocks. Get up again, and try to walk in the way of Christ.

The gift of Mercy should flow from Christ, through us, and to others. One of my frequent failings is in letting the Mercy stop with me. I have to learn to be Merciful. I know Jesus will help and I have the many writings of my dear Papa to go to for encouragement.

God never gives up on us. I am the least deserving, but I pray that He will keep working on the rough edges to make me a work of His loving hands.

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