Monday, February 6, 2017

Ground Hogs....What Do They Know?

Today is absolutely glorious!
The sun is out, the air is warmish, well at least the wind isn't blowing, and the birds were actually singing in the trees.
Maggie and I had a wonderful walk, and it really does lift the spirits.
I have been in something of a funk for the last few days, and this break in winter was just what I needed.
I have work to do inside this afternoon but now I have the energy to do it.

Brendan and Paul are both sick right now. There is a fluish bug going around and Paul has been hit really hard. Brendan's case isn't so bad, but he still feels yucky and has no energy.
Paul says that he is feeling a bit better today, so I will put off the trip to the doctor.

Well, off to do some cleaning. I am going to change the hamster cage. At least he hasn't made any weather predictions like some other rodents that I could mention.

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