Monday, January 23, 2017


In one capacity or another, I have been a professional organizer for around 10 years, and for most of those years I have been organizing with Sappari Solutions, a great company run by a good friend. I have learned a tremendous amount in the years that I have worked for Nettie, and I count it as time well spent. Over the last few weeks, however, I could feel the need to make a change. I have been feeling like Sappari and I just don't fit anymore. I want to try to fin a way to work that fits my family and my work style. I have cleaned with a friend, and really enjoyed it, and I have some ideas as to the types of jobs that I can get organizing. I want to continue my certification. and I would love to work with the elderly as they transition from the family home to smaller spaces. I also want to work with homeschooling families in one way or another, as a consultant and family organizer.
I need to do a bit of planning and think about a way to put myself out there, but I know that this has come from God, and that He will carry me through to whatever He has planned.

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