Tuesday, September 12, 2017

New Leaves

It appears that I am now a seasonal blogger.
Sheesh, that last post was from June!

I need to get caught up on a few things.

Brendan graduated from high school. Which I think I already posted, but it was how we started off the Summer! Very exciting, and now I am down to one student.

I officially started my business over the Summer. This isn't something that you can do in a week, or even a month. It started with filing the name with the state, getting insurance and business cards, and then waiting for the various agencies and individuals to do their jobs.
They came through and New Leaf Organizing Services was born.
I have been working as an independant contractor for Sappari Solutions, and so far things are going quite well. I am working just enough eack week to pay for tuition for John and Brendan, and I am still home most of the week to give Paul's junior year and our co-op classes the attention they need.

John is doing a full load at Harford Community College. He is taking four classes, and is on the dean's list and honor society. His grades last semester were great and he is working hard to keep them that way. He is majoring in business and he will probably transfer to a university next Fall.

Brendan is taking two classes. Astronomy and the lab that goes with it. He is just trying to get his feet wet this semester so that he can take on more in the Spring.

Paul has a very full schedule this year.
We are finishing up Algebra II, more of a review actually while he prepares to take his ACT test.
He also has Literature, History, World Religions, Karate, Dama, Film, and Robotics for science.
Several of these subjects are being covered in our co-op.
I am teaching Religion, and Literature, and helping out with History, Drama and Film.

Our co-op is under-going a pretty dramatic change. We have moved from our old location at the Boys and Girls Club, and are now going to be using the upstairs of the school at St Patricks Church here in Havre de Grace. It has been a rather daunting task, as much for the parish as for our families. The Archdiocese requires all adults to be cleared for the protection of the children, which is a good practice, and the kids have to be trained to recognize potentially abusive situations. We have also opened the o-op to several new families and it has been a rather uphill climb to get everything ready, but we had our first day last week and I thoroughly enjoyed my classes! What a great group of kids!!

For Drama they will be performing "Our Town", a great little play.
I am glad that Paul is up for it. I love watching him perform on stage.

We have a new deck, and a new door our to it from the kitchen. I absolutely love it and I have been enjoying my coffee out there most mornings.

We have been so blest to be able to add that this year. Tim works so hard, and the house is a his ongoing project. Nice for him that the deck project was one that we hired someone to do. It got done so quick and now we have it to enjoy!

Speaking of ongoing projects, this is a temperature blanket that I have been adding a row to each day.
It is so much fun!! I am getting back into the cooler colors and I never knnow how it will look!

I hope that it isn't Christmas before I post again!
Our Maggie is seven and such a pretty girl!

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