Thursday, February 22, 2018

Lobby Night in Annapolis

Today, in Annapolis, the Maryland Catholic Conference hosted the annual "Catholics in Annapolis" event. This is an excellent opportunity for Catholics to participate in the process of governing our state.
The event begins at St John Neuman Church, where a briefing is held to inform Catholics of the current legislation that we need to be aware of.

Tony and Maryann Vitelli and I were really fortunate to have the opportunity to meet with our two delegates, Glenn Glass, and Maryann Lisanti.
The meetings were very informative and productive.
I was pleased that our representatives are working hard and were willing to listen to what we had to say. We didn't have a chance to meet with our Senator, Bob Casilly, but we spoke with him outside the reception, and he assured us that he supports the legislation that we were there to discuss.

The four issues that were of the most importance were:

The last part of the event is a catered reception. Present this year were Cardinal Whuerl, Archbishop Lori, Bishop Malooly of Wilmington and many other priests and clergy. There was also a concert featuring a group of schoolchildren that were extremely talented!

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Unknown said...

Great recap...thanks for taking the time to blog. Letting those who were unable to attend this year to benifit from your trip.