Monday, April 29, 2019

A Birthday, Divine Mercy, and a New Saint!

God gives the best gifts!

I can't believe the amazing Graces that He has poured out lately!

I knew that my birthday this year was going to fall on Divine Mercy Sunday. I was so happy about that. 
I am so grateful to my dear Papa, St John Paul II, for the incredible gift of this feast!! Well, I am supremely grateful to Jesus, of course, but to Papa for canonizing St Faustina, and declaring the feast. 
I love the way that it falls during the Octave of Easter and the beauty and connectedness to my Lord.

So yesterday was my 55th birthday, and the feast of Divine Mercy, and it is also the feast day of another amazing Saint who was also canonized by JPII!!

St Gianna Molla is a beautiful saint, who lived her mission in the world in a truly heroic way. She was a doctor, wife and mother, who was pregnant when she found out that she had cancer, and chose to give birth to her daughter at the risk of losing her own life. Her daughter was born on April 21, 1962, and Gianna died on April 28th. That is her feast day.
I have always felt sad that my name doesn't really have a solid connection to a saint. I know that St Genevieve can be a patron for Jennifer, but I always thought it would be nice to have a stronger connection. I didn't understand the choosing of a saint for Confirmation, so that didn't work our so well either. So having St Gianna now just feels like the best gift!

So, TOB, Adoration, Prayer and healing, Words from my Father, Divine Mercy, Unbound, 

I am sure that something is coming. Jesus is preparing me. I know that He must be packing my bag for some kind of journey, because this kind of Grace isn't something that you get and keep wrapped up somewhere. Every day and in every way, He has given me what I need for whatever He asks of me. I pray for the wisdom to be able to reconize His voice and the courage and persverance to carry out the mission, whatever it is. 

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