Thursday, April 4, 2019

Your Story is The Story

Today's Gospel is one of my favorites, because Jesus is telling the Jewish leaders about the testimony that is given about Him, not just in the days leading up to His ministry, but in all of History!
 He speaks of John the Baptist, and then reaches back into the Scriptures, all the way to Genesis and Exodus, and shows them the testimony that even Moses declares about Him. In the end, the whole story will be about Our Lord Jesus Christ.

What I find fascinating is that each one of us is not just a part of the story, but we are main characters in our own story, and Jesus is the author. He doesn't just write the story, he gets into it with us. So when we are going about our daily tasks and duties, when we spend time with people, whether we have momentous experiences, or live a quiet life at home, the story is important.
It elevates something about the human experience.
 It is an epic that illuminates something that no other story can illuminate. We have a specific number of chapters and He has the plot in His Heart.
It is so beautiful and comforting to look at the way that He writes and to know how He wants it to end.
We live a drama, and every story is different. Some are filled with tragedy and heartbreak. Some are tales of hard work and struggle, and some are serene and quiet. All are love stories.

When I look at the story of my life so far, I can see the chapters where I was so ignorant of the way that my actions would impact the later parts.
I can see the chapters where I did things that the reader would know were going to lead to trouble. I was that stupid girl that made those bad decisions, and had to be rescued.
I can read the parts of the story where I was afraid of the way it would end, so very afraid. Those were the chapters where I learned to trust.
There are the parts where I had to step out without a clue as to what the author was doing, and then the realization that He really had me all along.
There were plot twists, in which I would think that I understood where it was all going, only to find that I had been TOTALLY wrong! And mostly those were times that I was surprised, and grateful!

The way my story intertwines with the stories of others, the people that God has put into my life, is the most fascinating aspect of the whole thing. He is writing the world and he loves His craft.
He puts down each word with care, and he tenderly layers all the things that He wants us to learn into the plot.

I think of all those that lived at the time of Moses. They all had their own stories and everyone of them was so important. Some of them were about the Hebrews, but many of the were about the Egyptians. There were those that lived in the world that we never even hear about in the Bible or elsewhere. Living difficult little lives, scrabbling to grow or raise enough food, staying warm, dealing with poor health, losing children to disease. These lives were also epic stories. Stories that we won't read until the end of time, unless someone stumbles onto the place where they lived and digs it up and studies it. Every single one is the greatest story ever told, to the one that it is about, and it is tied into the Greatest Story of all time in it's own way. We will have eternity to learn from this amazing library that is God's masterpiece.

I want to understand the plot better, but it is not mine to know.
The characters in these stories are able to choose how the plot will progress, but not to know what happens. We are given the gift of relationship with the author, and we are able to become somehow co-authors, but are not given the burden of how it will all come out.
I am excited to get to the end of the story. I have hope that the remaining chapters are filled with great adventure and that the final chapter is a happy one.

I don't want to put it down.

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