Friday, May 8, 2020

What's Missing?

So our state is still in lockdown because of the Chinese virus. 
If you are reading this years from now, I really hope that the crisis is ancient history. 
I hope you have a nice vaccine and you get vaccinated each year and all of the issues that we are dealing with are a part of the past. 

I think it's worth documenting all of what we are missing right now, and also how this affects our family and our little community.

There are so many things that we can't do. 
There are also a lot of things that we are doing that we didn't do before.

For me the thing that I am missing most is going to Mass. I was going every day. The Rosary before, and the people that I see every morning are so dear. It is so hard to stay away. I miss the sacraments so much. I miss Adoration so much!! 

Life, for me, was very busy. 
Meetings, studies, seminars, courses, and so many things that I was doing week in and week out. 
Making plans, making time, a full calendar. 
I would sometimes complain because there was just so much going on and I could barely breathe. 
I wanted more time to read, to study and to write. 
Well, now I have that!

I don't miss running all over the place, but I do miss being with the people that have become so dear.

I am very blest that my family is together and we are a peaceful family. 
I can't imagine going through this with people that are difficult all the time, or worse, abusive.
The house is full, true, but it is full of people that love and respect easch other, and we have been having family meals more than before.

I am happy to be cooking! It is great to have time to bake bread! It takes a long time to get a batch of bread made. Well, now there are entire days at home and I have made several differnt kinds.
I am so grateful that I like to cook, and the guys are even getting into the act.
They are learning to make their favorite foods. 

We can't go to the library and that is a difficulty, but we have Libby, and I just borrowed the Fellowship of the Ring, so if this goes on for a year, I'll have that. 
I also have shelves and shelves of books that I have been meaning to read. 

I also need to write more and I hadn't been making much progress. 
Well, now I have time for that too.
I can create Bible studies, and blog. I can work on my stories. 

I am doing jigsaw puzzles. Lots of them. 

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