Saturday, May 30, 2020

May Stuff....

Well, the Corona Crisis continues, but things are gradually opening up.
There are lots of "sides" of the issue, and there is enough talk, tension and opinion everywhere you look to keep the people that comment commentating for a very long time.

Speaking from these four walls, it is getting kind of old.
I am all for doing my part in the effort to "flatten the curve" or "slow the spead", but I am also getting really tired of the way that we have to live right now, and hearing that things are probably never going to return to normal.
It seems a little extreme to speak of a future without gatherings and community, so early in the game.
I don't like to hear it, because it feels like people are resigned to living this way and almost welcoming.

I think walking and praying are keeping my head above water.
I have been going downtown and walking around the neighborhood. It is relaxing, and I have my podcasts and my music.

I went down to the water a few days ago and it was wild.
The wind was blowing like crazy and the water was whipping up all over.

Then on Monday we had a fire and John, Tim and I had a little informal "wine tasting".
It was so nice to sit in the yard and hear the birds going to sleep and watch it getting dark.

The weather is gorgeous and Summer is here. I have so much to be grateful for!

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