Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Interesting Blogs...

I decided to go from blog to blog through links this evening and see where I ended up.

It was an interesting trip...

It all started with this story on CMR, after which I read the comment by Melissa at "Melissa's Ramblings". Melissa is an Urban Homesteader in Kansas. I don't know many urban homesteaders, so I read some more of her entries, and then looked at who she links to, and found
These Folks who are working at being as self-sufficient as possible on one acre, in Ohio. And with no Cable TV, my kind of people. From there I went on to read another sustainability blog, from Ohio, at DivaHick. This urban farming thing is really quite a movement. Diva Hick had this awesome blog in her picks:
Pioneer Woman and this one is going into my favorites. It will be a nice place to visit each day with my morning coffee.

I love visiting the blogoshpere. It is a wonderful way to travel and you meet the most fascinating people. I think I am going to try going on a different journey every month.

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Tricia said...

I LOVE the pioneer woman!!