Tuesday, December 28, 2010

So Long, Farewell.....

Today the boys and I went to a beautiful funeral.
It seems like we just came home from saying "So long" to mom.

Andrew's Grandma, Helen Faber, was called home to God on Friday.

She was older than mom, but I don't think it's ever easy on the family.

I have been thinking so much about my mom over the holidays.
She loved Christmas so much, and she and dad always looked forward to decorating and shopping for the kids and grandkids. Last year, though, Mom had such a hard time. She was so tired from her treatments and the toll that the cancer was taking. She couldn't go out and socialize, for several reasons. Every week was punctuated by doctor appointments and pain. She would talk about the tremendous number of pills that she had to take. It was very hard for me to see her having to let go of so many of the things that she enjoyed. I know that she was more than willing to go through all the struggles. It was what God was asking. Mom was, first and foremost, attentive to God's will, but I still can't help but be so happy for her as she was able to be free of all the burdens that had become so heavy in the last few years. That sweetness and light must be the fairest for those who have suffered such physical pain. I miss you mom, I really do, but I am also so very happy for you, just as I am happy for Grandma Faber. I hope to visit you both someday in that place that He has prepared.

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