Friday, October 7, 2011

A Full Friday!

Today started early and was stuffed to the brim, but what a great day we had!
Let's see, it started at 7:00 am, with Lilly arriving to spend the day.  She was up WAY before all the boys.
After breakfast we went up to Mass at Good Shepherd for First Friday. It was nice, as usual, and Lilly was very good!
Our friends the Bowers were at Mass with us, and after  we planned to hike up the trail along the river.

 It was SUCH a pretty day. Sunshine made the turtles come out to sun on the logs in the marsh pond along the trail.

The boys were great hikers, and were way ahead of us the whole way.

Lilly was very proud of her leaf collection!


After we got home we had lunch with the Bowers, and the kids played games while Christine and I figured out the rest of our First Friday activities. It is going to be a wonderful year!
Then we were off to Co-op, where the boys went to their classes, and Lilly and I visited the nursery.
She enjoyed playing with all the other kids.
Tim and I went to a very nice birthday party for a good friend of ours from the Church.
Now we are all tucked in at home, with the boys and Tim playing cards in the kitchen. A nice start to the weekend.

I am SO tired!

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