Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Work in Progress...Progresses

I haven't blogged for almost a week!
Well, it has been kind of busy around here. Projects going in almost every room.
I revamped the entryway again, and got the ugly baskets out of there.

 Now there are cubbies and a place to hide shoes when we want to. Most of the time they will be out by the door, because that is where boys leave them...

I have been moving some furniture around. The bookcase in the corner was downstairs holding the videos and dvds, but I love it because it is actually real wood and I wanted it upstairs for books, so we did some musical bookcases. Tim painted the ugly wooden one that was in the spare bedroom, and that is downstairs right now, although it will probably come back up.
The little table is one that I bought on Craig's List from a very nice lady. It's not quite a coffee table, but the area is small and the other table was just too big. It is going downstairs, after we get new carpet.

Speaking of... we were at Lowes the other night, looking at carpet, and we were thinking that we REALLY need to get the drop ceiling redone in the basement BEFORE we put in new carpet. It's a nasty messy job, and painting the supports over new flooring seems like a bad idea. With that motivation, we bought the ceiling tiles, and Tim started last night.

We are slowly clearing out the room to get ready for the installers, but it's going to be a couple of weeks, so we can get all the prep work done.

And then, of course, there's Maggie...

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