Saturday, December 24, 2011

It IS a Wonderful Life!

Last night we watched the classic Christmas film, "It's A Wonderful Life", as we do every year.
I love the plot, the quirky dialog, the good, the bad and the ugly characters, but mostly I love that it is true!
I know a lot of people today would say that it's idealistic, unrealistic and that the themes and values are from another time.
They still watch it, but they feel that it is some kind of artifact, a tradition that takes us back in history to a time when people still believed in God, sought to be virtuous, and took care of each other.
The black and white on the screen seems to also represent a way of life that was certain and solid. Things were more black and white, and good and evil were easily defined.
People today seem to feel that the lines have blurred to the extent that a story like this one could never happen in the present time.
I disagree.
Sure, George Baily is a classic icon of virtue, whose whole life was centered around what he could do for others, and Mr Potter is a selfish,  nasty old man whose whole life seems devoted to what he could do to others to build himself up and make others crawl.
I know there are people of both kinds to be found today, and if we look for "George Baily" opportunities, we can be part of the "wonderful life" that George found when he saw the change he had effected just by being himself.
There are certainly Potters to be found, and there always will be.
But there are so many really, truly good people in our world, right now.
Even if it seems hard to find good people among neighbors, and those that we see on the news, and in day to day living, we must always remember that Our Lord is here, now, on altars and in tabernacles all over the world.
He is there to look upon, to see the ultimate good.
No matter how dark it seems, He is here with us.
No Potter can overcome the Light of Life.

Christ is not a memory, or an historic figure from another time.
He is with us always and with Him in the world, it can't be anything but a "Wonderful Life"

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