Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Prepare Ye

This is the last week before Christmas!
I can't believe how Advent has flown.
We are enjoying a nice break from school and the boys are sleeping in, reading, and just enjoying the slower pace.
Having most of the shopping and baking done, leaves me with some quiet, peaceful moments as well.
I feel like we were sick for so long that I missed about a month of normal life! There are things that I find I did that I don't remember doing, and things that I wanted to do that I couldn't. It was a good lesson in patience. I slowed down, let some things go, and still, here I am, the week before Christmas, with most everything done!
I think that preparing myself for the birth of Christ was easier this year, because I have had a lot more down time. I want to remember the lessons of this Advent.
Life can become so frantic, and it is so easy to focus on the macro, when the big picture is where the blessings are.
I have been spending a lot more time talking to my kids, all of them, even the ones in Texas.
I have been putting a meal on the table almost every night, instead of rushing to get everyone fed so that I can run to whatever is pulling me away.
I am much more present in the moment and I am so much less distracted by the details of things that I have no control over anyway.

I hope that I can make a habit out of this!

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