Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day (weekend)

What a great weekend it has been!
We have had a whole lot of fun, and celebrated some of the best people!

Yesterday we joined the Hoppel family for a tubing party on Deer Creek. The kids had so much fun, and it was just nice to be there with some very nice families.
The adults didn't go on the water, but the kids went on one run that ended up being about four hours!
It was a perfect day. Warm, but not hot.

It was also a day to celebrate Danielle Hoppel's 18th birthday! Such a special young lady.

Today, of course, is Father's day, and we were home most of the day. We had some rain, so the pool was not really very well attended. Brendan and I went up for a bit, and then came back in time to fix dinner.
Nina and Lilly were grilling out on their back patio, and I made grilled pork chops. They were amazing! Then Tim had his coconut cream pie for dessert, and open his gifts. Lilly and Nina came up later to say hi, and Lilly and Grandpa played a round of wii golf.
Tim deserves to have a nice Father's day, for all that he does for us!

The upcoming week should be a busy one. We are getting ready to head to TX in a week, and then when we get back we will be just in time to get ready for Camp Veritas! Busy Summer! But very, very good.

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