Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Well, That Was Fun!

 Yesterday we headed up to Hershey, PA, for another fun-filled summer day.
Brendan and Paul are blest to get tickets from Fr Jay, because they serve Mass, and John and I got discount tickets on the same deal.
The weather was supposed to be bad, with thunderstorms moving through the area, and back here at home it apparently rained most of the day. While it wasn't sunny, it was actually perfect weather for our purposes. It was warm, but overcast, and the rain held off until 9pm!

We got out the door a bit later than we might have, because we have dear Maggie to think about. Tim was going to be late getting my car from the tire shop and the mechanic.
On a very good note, there is nothing seriously wrong with my car!! YAY!

So, the boys found their respective friends when we got to the park. They spent a little time in the wave pool, and then they all took off to the far reaches of the park to go on the rides.

I caught up with them later, and got some pictures....and a bit of video.

Hershey Castle


Brendan and Kevin in the Front

Good Ride!

Off to the Sidewinder

Evening at the park, and the view from the "Kissing Tower"

It was such a nice day. We are all home, safe and sound. get ready for Texas!!

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