Wednesday, June 5, 2013

It's June

And I haven't posted anything, anywhere in days.
I haven't been on Facebook, except to leave comments, and I am so bad about blogging lately.

School is ALMOST over. We had our promotion ceremony with TORCH, and Brendan graduated from 8th grade!

John has a few more Math lessons, and he has to finish an essay for Literature.
Brendan and Paul have a Piano recital this Sunday to finish out their year.

I am starting to think about the coming Fall, but not too hard.
I am going to be working on a few classes with some other families, since our big co-op has folded.
We are going to do American History with all three boys, and American Lit for MS and HS.
I am also thinking about the Biology class that I am going to be teaching at our house.
We did a frog dissection last week, and as of that experience, I have decided that further dissections will be done online.
Paul and John seemed to enjoy it though. They named their frogs Kermetta and Gerardine, and had all kinds of fun exploring.

I think we will have Spanish  in our co-op. John and Brendan both need a language, for high school.
We will keep working on Music and Karate with the teachers that we are working with.
The boys are making good progress.

I need to make a plan for how I want to approach school and get things under way.
There are things to coordinate with other families and we need to sit down and plan.

But first, we are going to Hershey Park, to let the boys run wild on the rides.
Then we are going to take a little trip to Texas, and see some adorable Cookes.
Then we have a trip to New York to attend Camp Veritas again. What a special time that will be!
John and Paul are going to be attending a science workshop on Aberdeen Proving Ground.
Paul's program focuses on Engineering and John's is Cyber-tech.

Robotics will resume this Summer with all the boys taking part this year. That will be crazy!
It's such a good experience though.

We are just going to try and have a really good summer.
Pool time, family time, learning time, and time to relax. I may even read a few books.
It's a good thing to have a break.

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