Saturday, August 10, 2013

These Kids Love to Dance!

Tonight we had yet another youth dance at Good Shepherd and we took everybody!
There was a Civil War era dance first, which the kids really love, and it's not just our youth group either! We have kids coming from all over to do the reels and waltzes. Brendan and Paul got in on a few, and Lilly even gave it a shot! She did a bit of her own thing too.
After the Civil War dances, the kids got to Swing dance. John has been swing dancing for a few years now and he likes it a lot!
It was a great Summer evening thing to do, and we are counting down the days, as they are getting short.
We have to cram as much into these days as possible!

The Virginia Reel

One of the girls was a Japanese exchange student.


Lilly dancing the Musical Ladies dance.

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