Thursday, August 1, 2013

Down Memory Lane....

I have been spending a lot of time lately converting all the old family video DVDs, from when the girls were little, to electronic files that I can store in my external drive. I need to get them into a format that is easy to store and won't deteriorate.
It has been so good seeing all the people that I miss so much! Hearing Mom's voice, and seeing her with her family, is such a treat! It's not sad, because those were the times and places that God had put us in to learn to love and walk for a time. Now we are in different times and places, but I still feel a strong connection to those people, times and places that have gone before. They were God's garden for making us the people that we are. We have grown and blossomed,  and sometimes been pruned, so that we are able to produce the fruit that we are called to.
I hope that I can be that kind of person for the people whose lives that I touch.
Here is a link to the play list, I hope:

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