Saturday, August 31, 2013

Blog Post of the Week....

I have to do better...
It WAS a very busy week.
Tim was away, in Kentucky, whooping it up with all those amazing Kentuckians.
The boys and I kept busy with trips to the pool, and preparing for school to start.

Brendan, John and I are reading "The Last of the Mohicans" for American Literature, and I have to say, it is quite a challenging read. The language is very complex, and we are spending a lot of time researching not just vocabulary, but references to ideas, traditions and styles that are completely foreign to our modern ways. I was not ready to jump into something quite so heady, just as we are getting into the school year, but I am actually really glad that we started it when we hadn't started any of our other school work.
One very helpful tool that I am using is the Google Book version, which has a lot of tools for highlighting and note-taking within the text. I love being able to stop and look at definitions and articles on the words and concepts that we find.

I am also preparing our Homeschool Tracker, binders, files and other resources for the year. Where would I be without technology?

Tuesday was a big day for Techbrick Robotics. Paul's team got it's mission. It's a weather-disaster theme. It looks like it will be a lot of fun.
All the Teckbrick Teams. That's a LOT of kids!

Brendan is starting First Tech-Challenge. This is a High School level program, and it is pretty sophisticated. The kids get into higher level programming, they produce a presentation, and they build true robots, not the Mindstorm version of the younger team. I am going to have Brendan do this for Science this year. I think it will be very good for him all around, and I will also have him work through John's Engineering book from last year.

John is doing Biology, because he is in his Junior year, and we need to get that done, so he can take Chemistry next year. I will probably have him take that at the college.

The Wednesday and Thursday were really just workdays. More school prep, and I went to see Fr Henry, who is still in the transition period of moving into his new place.
We set up his ipad, and worked on his closet, getting it all organized.

Friday Brendan, Paul, Mark Andrews, Lilly and I went up to Philadelphia to the Franklin Institute to use our last day of membership. The kids had a great time. Lilly has never been there and she was curious about everything. We played in the kids' area, solved a trainwreck mystery, and she was just such a little chatterbox through it all.
Lilly Loved Mark....

The Heart....

Lilly learned a lot!

And did a little wheelchair racing...

She was very proud that she could lift herself,

But was not terribly enthused about having her picture taken with /Ben.

Today I have worked some more on school, and we have to get back to the Mohicans, but we took time out to go to the pool and soak up a little more warmth before the weather gets chilly. I can't believe it's the last weekend.....

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