Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I Love This Town!

So we are furloughed.
What that basically means is that someone, somewhere decided that it would be economically beneficial to cut the hours, and hence the pay, of thousands of employees of the Department of Defense, in order to cut costs.
We are glad that Tim has a job, and that we didn't buy a car this year, and that we have the flexibility to make changes so that we can live within our means.
Many people are not able to do that.
So, Havre de Grace has done a very nice thing....

Havre de Grace Offers Furloughed Employees a “Furlough Friendly Community”

From the City of Havre de Grace:
With the support of the Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) and in partnership with Havre de Grace Chamber of Commerce, and Havre de Grace Main Street, the City of Havre de Grace has developed a “Furlough Friendly Community” campaign. This campaign will have a dedicated distribution through APG personal and reaches out to families impacted by the recent furloughs.
There are over 11,500 people at APG that are currently affected by the recent furlough. For 11 weeks Havre de Grace’s neighbors at APG, who reside and patron our City, have lost more than 20% of their income due to sequester.
Understanding the impact to these families and the potential impact to our small businesses, the City of Havre de Grace has created a “Furlough Friendly Campaign”. To participate in this endeavor, the local businesses offer a 20% discount; Monday through Friday, to APG employees affected by the furlough; providing proper I.D. Some participating businesses have taken this campaign a step further by offering other opportunities that better suit their establishments. This campaign is slated to run until the end of September.
This is a great and much needed opportunity to reach out to all those individuals and families affected by the furlough and encourage them to continue to patronize our Havre de Grace’s businesses. “We have a positive relationship with the APG community and understand the challenges the furloughs have placed upon those who reside, work and play in Harford County,” stated Mayor Wayne Dougherty.
We have created a logo and decal to be posted on the doors of businesses who are participating in this campaign. A list of business participants will be found on the website.

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