Sunday, July 7, 2013

Goin' To The Dogs

People are taking their pet-love to another level.

I'm sorry, but taking your dog out to dinner is just a bit over the top. We were rather shocked to find that we were sharing the deck at a local restaurant, (not a diner or fast food, but a rather nice place) with, well, dogs.  Imagine trying to enjoy your salad while staring into the eyes of a Pit Bull. It wasn't easy.

Letting little Frankie (yes, that was the dachshund's name) snarl and bark at the poodle at the next table (there were actually three dogs there) is not just bad manners, it is disturbing on several social levels.
I'm sorry, Frankie isn't a child, he is a dog, and he isn't a darling to me. He's an animal, and he doesn't belong anywhere where people are paying to have a nice dinner.

Lately I hear people talking about their "fur-babies" and I wonder where we stepped off the reality train.

Dogs are awesome. I love our Maggie as much as you can love an animal, but she is not my baby, or my child.
She is a beautiful gift from God, but she does not have the dignity of an immortal soul, and she is not made in His image and likeness.
Granted, she is more devoted and faithful than most people I have met, but no matter what attributes her species provides to make her the perfect companion, she is still a temporal creature.

The thing that I find the most difficult to reconcile, is the cultural shift from the desire to share our lives with little humans, to finding fulfillment in making "children" out of pets.

Our pets deserve our affection, care and attention, but they are not more important than the people that should be the focus of our lives.

We are shocked and saddened at stories of animal abuse, as we should be, but when a heinous criminal like Kermit Gosnell is found to have committed hundreds of truly evil acts against human babies, it's like pulling teeth to get the attention of anyone other than committed pro-lifers.

The average number of children, per family, in the U.S. has dropped to almost non-replacement levels. The attention, money, and time that we lavish on pets, has reached truly absurd proportions.

Jesus didn't say "Let the puppies and kittens come to me." He was pretty clear that children are closest to the Heart of the Father. We will find it harder and harder to become like children in a world where they are harder and harder to find.

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