Monday, July 8, 2013

Maggie...Our Hero

Sometime this morning, before most people in the house were up and about, I heard Maggie in the living room, barking ferociously. Her hackles were up, she was glaring out the window intensely, and it sounded serious.

I came running upstairs and looked out front to see what was going on. She seldom gets that upset.
There was nothing out near the road or in the lot across from us, and there was nothing in the yard.

She was still going nuts, so I looked more closely at where she was looking and I realized that she was looking at the window itself.

Yes indeed, she was protecting her family from a fearsome....


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nancy said...

Sometimes we forget how much these little lovable hairy family members take care of us. I know that my dogs are always on guard and watching out for us. God has indeed blessed us with the joy of our pets!