Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Texas, Totally....

Whew!! What an amazing and wonderful week we had visiting the Cooke family in Texas!

We decided to do a trial road trip with Maggie. Yeah, cause driving to Texas is just the perfect maiden voyage for an untraveled dog...

Well, I figured she'd do fine, and she did.
The trip down was really easy, because we put Maggie in the back of the car, in her old kennel, and she rode along just fine.
She was a bit freaked out by the hotel stay, but as long as all her people were accepting it as a matter of course, she adjusted.

We stopped for rest breaks, and did mostly fast food, because we couldn't leave her in the car, due to the heat.
One place that we had to stop into was Howard's Donuts.
We found it on the past trip down. They have HUGE donuts, and the same little old lady was manning the counter.

I noticed that the floor of Maggie's kennel seemed rather hot, and we realized that the back of the van gets really warm. Also, it was hard for her to jump up into the back. I had to lift the rear end while she jumped in. So on the way back we made space for her in the middle instead.

The car did great, and I am so grateful that we didn't have to do anything major to it to get ready for the trip.

It was such a wonderful visit!
The kids are just so much fun, and it was so nice for the "uncles" to have a chance to spend time with their Texas nieces.
Brendan also made a new friend, when this guy showed up at the door. We figured someone probably dumped him out by their house. He was such a sweet and smart dog. We had to call animal control, because he was not leaving. They assured us that he has a very good chance of finding a home.

We took the wooden train sets down, anticipating that someday the little boys will enjoy them. Well, the girls had all kinds of fun. They played with the trains and tracks and Brendan showed them how to set everything up.

There was lots of baby cuddling, even some baby wrestling,

and little girls everywhere giggling and coloring and coming up with all kinds of stories and ideas.

There was time for visiting and catching up on all the details of Laura's life.

I love all the wonderful touches that she has added to their home, the places that they go, and the daily routine that we got to be a part of.

John and Laura spent part of an afternoon building a "water-blob", which is a huge sheet of plastic, duct-taped together at the edges, and filled with water. As heavy as all that water is, even the slightest grade gives the blob the ability to shift, and move downhill. It did manage to roll a ways, and by morning had gotten down the hill and then split, but they had a wonderful afternoon in the Texas heat!

Texas certainly has it's own style and flavor. They are very busy building roads, houses, and new ideas are flourishing in that state.

The Cookes have settled into the Texas way of life, and they are very happy and successful there.
It was such a blessing to see them blooming

in their adopted habitat!

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