Wednesday, July 10, 2013

TORCH is Twenty!!

This August our TORCH group will host it's 20th annual picnic, graciously hosted by Michelle and Dan Weber.
It is amazing to think of all the families that have been a part of this wonderful group, and all of the ways that we have been a part of each other's lives.
We have witnessed so many families growing, learning, and launching their children into the world.
We have been together for births, sacraments, weddings, and grandchildren's births. We are now welcoming the second generation of young families. It is so miraculous!
Looking back at all the years and all that we have shared, the time has just flown!
We have friends that have moved away, but are still a part of our lives.
We keep in touch with cards, and on Facebook, or just at Christmas, but we still have that sense of family.
We have past member families in Alaska, Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Utah, and many of the states in between.
We have been so blest, and have tried to be a blessing, to all the families that have been a part of TORCH over the years.
Soon we will be sending off a new crop of graduates to college and into the world of adulthood. We have several families that have children discerning possible religious vocations, and one young lady that is answering the call to the religious life in the coming months.
Twenty years into this journey, some of us have said "Good-Bye" to parents, and some to unborn babies, we have gone through some scary times with illness and prayed each other through some pretty dark valleys.
By the Grace of God, there will be many more years and many more picnics. He has done great things for us, we are filled with Joy!

I can't wait for the picnic!

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Suzanne said...

Details on the vocations. Anyone we know???? Miss you all. Wish we could be there. I am tempted to make the drive, but Dear Husband would have to work.