Saturday, December 31, 2016

On The Cusp of a New Year.

This is truly a blank page.
It's 10:00, on New Year's Eve and there is a whole new brand-spanking-clean year ahead of us.
2016 was a good year, we put a few things behind us, moved forward in others.
There was education on all fronts, new jobs, expanding horizons, and love and laughter with family and friends.
Tomorrow will be another beginning.
The coming year will see a completely new and different Presidential administration. I am hopefully optimistic.
It will be a college year for two of my students. John and Brendan. Paul hopes to start at the college soon himself. Probably not next fall, but soon.
The need to pay college tuition brings me to a new horizon in my career. I still love my work for Sappari, but I am going to need to supplement that income.
There are opportunities on the horizon, and they are definitely answers to prayer. God has been putting people in my life and ideas in my mind, and I can see Him working in all of this.
The key is going to be keeping an open heart and following His lead.

God Bless this year.

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