Thursday, April 20, 2017

Homeschool Co-op Dreamin'

For all the years that we have homeschooled, some of the best have been those in which we have been members of a multi-family co-op. We have been able to get together once a week, socialize, teach some really challenging courses, and our kids have lerned what it's like to work in a class room, under a teacher. Some of these moms have been truly amazing teachers.

Now it's looking like we once again need  new home.
We have been at the Boys and Girls Club here in Havre de Grace for the last three years, but that is coming to an end due to restructuring.
There is a possibility that our parish, St Patrick's, my be able to provide some space. A nice place to learn, and pray, and be together.

Several things have to fall into place first, but we are praying, and if it's God's will, it will happen.
We haven't been in a Catholic enviroment yet, and Mass and consecrated space would be wonderful!
The space that we my be able to use has been a convent in the past.
I think that's pretty special.

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