Wednesday, April 12, 2017


I have been watching this gem of a production, Victoria, from the BBC.

They have outdone themselves, and that takes some doing these days.

I love the story so much, and I hope that they have taken care to provide as much of the truth as possible, because the story of the little queen, who was so bigger-than-life, and her loves, passions, and experiences, has completely captivated me.

Victoria's love for her husband, Albert, a German prince not immediately accepted by the aristocracy
and the politcal machine of the day, is portrayed so beautifully.
There is a mystery in the relationship, and they are shown to be a couple with a deep love, that were always challenging each other to grow and embrace new things.

What a time it must have been to have to rule, with industry and politics shifting constantly. New things coming along almost every day and the good of the country, the economy, and the people to try to balance.

Dickens portrays the time as very dark and cruel, for those who were in the unfortunate position of the common folk. His writing has become the face of the latter 19th century, and while it is probably an accurate commentary, we don't often think about the people that had to make decisions during this tumultuous time. The people who had been brought up with the mores of the past, but had to have the courage to step into the future. One of my favorite scenes is Prince Albert taking his first ride aboard "Planet", a little steam engine in the countryside. What a thrill for him!

I have only finished episode 7. I am going to watch the next one tomorrow night!

BBC, another triumph!

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