Thursday, December 27, 2018

Christmas 2018!

And it was a wonderful one!

Our day started the night before, with Mass, which was just beautiful!!

On Christmas, Tim and I got up early and the house was very quiet.
John has been staying up at Nina's to take care of the dog and the bunny, and Brendan and Paul are enjoying sleeping late while school is out.

I enjoyed the quiet with coffee and a chance for some reflection.
How very blest we are! This Christmas saw everyone in good health, with all three boys doing well in school, Tim's job keeping us fed and housed (and the van being paid off), a warm house and so many other ways that God is so good.

Maggie and the cats kept me company.

After awhile the guys drifted in and we began to open presents.

Later on we grilled steaks and had a wonderful dinner.
It really was a special day.

As a friend of mine reminded me recently, we never know which Christmas will be the last one with everyone together and in good health, so it is so important to relish the time.

Thank you Lord for your coming, and for giving us each other.

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