Friday, March 1, 2019

Stay In The Story

You know how when you are watching a show, or reading a novel, and you have gotten through the first few episodes or chapters, met all the characters, and have gotten into the plot far enough to know that it's a good story, but you can't see where it's all going?
You have to decide whether you are going to commit to following through and watch or read the whole thing, or whether it's just too much effort and you don't have the energy or time to invest.
I feel like there are lots of times when life is kind of like that.

Sometimes God writes a novel, with ourselves as the main characters. We meet people, learn things, are taken places and we are walking through the early chapters without a clue as to how all of this is going to connect and how it is going to turn out. I hope that I am learning to walk through the story with interest and excitement about the chapter I am living, and trust that the Author is the best one to decide how it is going to turn out. It's not a good idea to tell an author how a story should go. He already has it outlined and as any author knows, a story is a piece of the heart. I am so glad to have a part in a beautiful story, written by the Author of Life, who has crafted every word and every phrase with the utmost love and attention. Lord, give me the Grace to stay in the story and follow it to wherever You will it to go.

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