Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Hey There

Just dropping myself a line to catch up.
Life is good here and now. Things are moving along at a doable pace, and life has a good flow!
I know I have posted a few times about feeling overwhelmed, wanting to find direction and not knowing which way to move. I think I have found what works for me, for now anyway!
I am not looking anymore. I am not seeking, searching, planning, building or trying to find...
I am waiting. I am praying, and trying to listen. I am not great at seeing the big picture anyway, and there are so many moving parts to my life so far that it isn't helpful to try to pull it all into a coherent plan. Invariably anything that I try to glean from my own thoughts ends up being a half-measure.
Much better to do what I know I need to do for the day and the tasks that God has given me and leave tomorrow's "trouble" to Him.
It is so freeing to wait on the Lord! He has given me everything, and written my life, and I am so blest! Entrusting the future to Him makes me feel held. I am resting in the certainty that my Father will keep me in the place where I will be the best that I can be.
The things that are the most rewarding and beautiful in my life have always been those things that came out of nowhere, that He put in place to use for the things that He has in mind.
If I keep filling up my time with my plans, and don't pray enough, listen, and leave time for His plans, then when He shows me where all this is going, I might just be in the wrong place, or not listening.
The most important thing is to be in prayer, everyday, and in all things.
To keep my mind and heart open to His promptings, and to be willing.
Having the flexibility to be able to say yes when someone asks me to help with something that I know God wants me to do, that is golden.
When He calls, I can answer, and give the task that He asks of me my full attention and effort.
I am so blest to have this opportunity.
All of life is a miracle. Every day that we have is a chance to be a part of His beautiful plan.
I just want you to know, that it's all good, right here, right now....

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