Saturday, April 5, 2008


A very busy Saturday!
Today started out with Brendan and I going up to Good Shepherd for his First Communion retreat.
He was less than enthusiastic about getting out the door, but I think he ended up enjoying it and got a lot out of it.
I was hoping to be able to spend the day with him, but my job was in one of the stations reading to the kids and talking to them about Miracles and the Eucharist. I watched Brendan as he went from place to place and he seemed to be glad to be there. After I was done I was able to go over to the Church with Brendan's group so that they could have a little rehearsal for 1st Communion, we are going to practice here at home too.
After we were done we came home and gave the boys lunch.
I got a call from a friend, who is helping us get ready for the re-enactment next Saturday. I wanted to look at the haversacks and the coats that she has modified for her son.
I then headed over to Bel Air to look for a coat. I found a great one at the Goodwill over there. I also found one for Paul. It's suede and it has fringe and it looks just like the coat the "rebel spy" wore in Gettysburg. He is gonna be a great little scout!
I have the material for the haversacks and Tim is making canteens. I have a little work to do on Brendan's coat to make it look like a Union uniform coat, but not much.
We are going to stay over on Friday night at a Comfort Inn in Harper's Ferry. Nope, no Civil War tents for me! It's still too cold out there.
I'll get some pictures of everything as we get done.

The event takes place on Brendan's birthday, so that should be interesting!

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Suzanne said...

How exciting! I expect to see lots of pictures and read extended commentary from the field reporter. These re-enactments are wonderful learning tools.