Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Welcome to our Dear Papa!

What an feeling of Joy we had watching our dear Holy Father arriving and coming down the steps of his plane at Andrews AF Base, not too far from us here in Maryland!
I keep thinking that he is just down the road and it is so comforting.

It was really special to read the Gospels this week. They are the "Good Shepherd" Gospels.
God is so good to give us a succession of Shepherds in our popes, our "Papas".
We have been so Blest in these recent years to have such wonderful Fathers.

We will be keeping "Papa Ben" in our prayers this week. For his safety, as he travels and in the crowds. For his message, as he ministers to a rather willful flock.

God Bless you always Holy Father! WE LOVE YOU!

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