Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Paul!

Yes! Our little Paul is not so little!
Today he is six!!
He has had a really good day. He got up the morning and opened his gifts from the family. He got a Nintendo DS and a game. He also had the added gift of being able to be off school AND play his game all day! We only allow the games to be played in the car or at appointments. The boys live for long car rides! Up until now Brendan was the only one with a handheld game but I thought that with all the travel we will be doing in the near future, the games might prove to be a good thing.
Another Birthday tradition is that the birthday person gets to pick dinner. So we are going to the "Grand Buffet". That's where he wants to go!
Then we are off to find something that he can spend his gift card on!

He is such a great kid. We are very proud of him.

God Bless You Paul!

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