Sunday, March 30, 2008

Divine Mercy Sunday

What a treasure we have in this Glorious Feast!
Our Lord has given us such Graces!

Today we went back to Holy Rosary for the Feast of Divine Mercy. The Church was packed! There were sisters from several orders, and many priests concelebrating the Mass.
The boys were so good! Jesus is going to give them special Graces for participating in a long Mass and praying the Whole Chaplet! Paul loves to sing, and the Chaplet was sung all the way through. It was beautiful to hear Paul's sweet voice ringing out into the church. We have been saying the Chaplet each night with the Novena prayers, and so the boys all know it, but singing it with a huge crowd, in a beautiful church, with incense and a nun who sounds like Dana, was a very heady experience. We went down to the gift shop and Paul got the "Passion Bear" that he wanted the other day, Brendan got a Divine Mercy t-shirt, that he is very proud of and John found a little holy water bottle and a St Benedict crucifix medal. He collects medals.

It was a wonderful day. Now I just have to practice being Merciful myself.

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