Thursday, March 13, 2008


Well, we have had an eventful 24 hours.
Last night I went out to a Study group at the Church and Tim was home with the boys.
I had to shop after that and went to Walmart because I needed the kind of stuff you can't get at the grocery store. Printer paper, binders, socks and school supplies, in addition to a cartful of food. Everything everyone has ever said about the dietary habits of growing boys is true. They are growing (John is 5 feet tall now), and they are boys. They pretty much eat all day. I think Tim and I are going to stop eating so that we can devote all of the caloric intake in the house to the three of them.
They eat healthy. Lots of fruit, yogurt (LOTS), tons of peanut butter, cheese, etc.
Now our grocery bill will never rival most of the families we know who are dealing in much larger numbers, and you know who you are, but per person we are making a respectable investment in consumables.
So, anyway, I called Tim on my way home and he informed me that while I was gone, John had been running in the yard, tripped over one of our edging bricks, twisted, and probably sprained, his ankle. He was in some pain when I got home, but Tim has had lots of experience with this kind of thing himself, and he had iced and elevated it, and given him Motrin already. I went up to see him and looked at it. It was REALLY swollen! You have to be really careful around your kids when you see an injury for the first time. I had to keep my face and voice all upbeat and positive as I said:
"Oh gosh, that's going to be fine in no time. No, I'm sure it's not broken, in fact I think it looks better already. You probably won't even have to see the doctor."
Instead of what I was thinking: "OH MY GOSH! That must be excruciating! It's so huge! It could be broken! These can take a long time to heal! We should go get x-rays right away!"
He fell for my line and I got out of the room with my composure intact. John doesn't mind doctors at all, but he dreads the flu, so we are avoiding the doctor's office if at all possible.
Actually, it was looking better this morning. I called the doctor and he said to keep doing what we are doing and that if it's not a lot better over the weekend, he will want some x-rays on Monday.
He said that he should not put any weight on it for a couple of days, so I went and dug out Nina's crutches and, by George, they are just the right height. John is five feet tall now and Nina only has a couple of inches on him! Yep, all that food paying off. He has been very careful and I think it will be fine by Monday.
I am sure glad this didn't happen in the middle of the soccer season! He would have been so bummed!

We also had Christian and Lilly here today. Nina has it down to a science now, so she is taking him three days a week. She is doing most everything herself and it's going great for the most part. Christian has been sick and the poor little guy has weepy eyes and a lot of congestion. He is getting really good at taking naps in the Portacrib now. He and Lilly are both going to be crawling very soon and it's going to be a whole different scene!
Brendan and Paul have been tearing up the driveway on their bikes. It's actually been pretty nice out. It was at least sixty today.
My tulips are starting to poke their leaves out of the ground. I need to get out and rake the beds. They are full of winter deposits of leaves and sticks.
I can't wait to see the grass getting green again.
So we will have a slow weekend. It will be Holy Week before we know it!
John is supposed to served Palm Sunday Mass, and I know he is looking forward to it, but we'll see how he's getting around. Maybe with an ACE bandage...

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Anonymous said...

This is a great blog entry, even if most of it is about your poor son's ankle injury. Your writing talent is really nice to see. Full of fun, good cheer and upbeat, no matter what.
Thanks. Us relatives living clear across the country appreciate being able to follow what everyone is up to.
We will be hoping John's ankle will be much better tomorrow.
Love, and God bless.
Mom and Dad