Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mother Seton and Divine Mercy

The boys are out with Tim and I finally have time to post the pictures of the trip to Mother Seton House and Holy Rosary church.
What an incredible day that was. Both places are so rich with the history and
beauty of our faith.

First we visited Mother Seton's Baltimore home.
Here is the living room, in the original colors. The floors are the same ones she walked. Mother Seton and her family and students were the only people who ever occupied this house. They only lived there for about a year. The renovation was simply new paint and a little plaster.
This is one view of the kitchen.
Some of the kids on the stairs,
The upper bedroom with the "chamber pot" under the chair.

The old St Mary's Seminary Chapel is behind the house and we had the kids sit for a picture.

The Chapel is really beautiful. It is where Mother Seton and Mother Mary Lang took their vows.

We ate lunch and then headed across the city to Holy Rosary church, the Archdiocesan Shrine of The Divine Mercy. We had a great tour guide and a wonderful talk given on the Divine Mercy and St. Faustina, by a sweet young nun named Sister Claudia, who, I believe is actually from Poland.

The Church is amazing. Built by Polish immigrants during the last century.One of the many, many works of art, a relief of the "Church Suffering, Militant and Triumphant.The whole church just takes your breath away. You could be there for a lifetime and still find so many deep symbols of our Faith to meditate on.Every wall, corner, alcove, nook and cranny is steeped in the history of Catholicism and Polish Catholicism, in particular.

The Main altar.Mary and St Thomas Aquinas and St Catherine. A mural of Mary being presented in the temple.Poland's own dear "Lady of Czestochowa"
This is St Jude. Paul knew the answer to the question when they asked who the Saint was.

This is the shrine to Divine Mercy. Read all about the Miracle and Saint Faustina here.
Here is where Pope John Paul II prayed when he visited Baltimore.

We will be returning to the Shrine tomorrow for Divine Mercy Sunday and the Mass.

I am taking my camera and I am hoping to get a picture of Sister Claudia and the boys!
I will pray for all of our family and friends!


Suzanne said...

The pictures are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.

Mairs said...

Looks like a nice trip - and I recognize almost all of those mugs on the steps!