Friday, March 7, 2008

Thanks John!

Well, do you like my new look?
Actually I found this template through John and, with his permission, I took it!
I have always loved Lighthouses. Tim and I honeymooned on the Oregon Coast and the Yaquina Head Lighthouse has always been kind of "ours".
So now my blog is much more me!

The boys and I went to Mass this morning, John and I went to Confession, then we came home to a quiet house and two sleeping babies. So I hustled the boys downstairs for their Math tests.
We are going up to Frostburg for the weekend. Gotta get the Cooke fix!
It is so nice to be able pick up and go on short notice. One thing that is very hard to do during the summer months.
Good thing I don't have that puppy...

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