Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Family Doings

Last Thursday we went to Frostburg to help Laura and Andrew and Lucy move into their new home.
They closed on their mortgage at 4:00 in the afternoon. We met at the library and the boys and I entertained Lucy (actually she entertained us) while Laura and Andrew did the business.
Then we went over to the house. I hadn't seen it yet.
It is a really cute place in an older neighborhood. It sits on a hill overlooking Frostburg. The view is amazing! Frostburg is such a pretty place. The Front of the house faces the Catholic Cemetery.
The cemetery is really pretty too!
The house itself is really big! It has four bedrooms, two on the main floor and two very large ones upstairs, and one bath. The basement will be finished eventually. It also has a bedroom and play area.
The living room and dining room are really big and the kitchen has lots of cupboard space.
The house was built in the late forties and there are still many of the original features.
An awesome cedar closet, a walk through closet between the upstairs bedrooms, high ceilings and beautiful wood moldings and door frames.
Lucy was so good through the whole move.
Her whole world was in an uproar, all her toys and clothes were packed and she was being toted from pillar to post by several different people, and she just went with the flow.
She had fun with her uncles, and I just loved getting to cuddle her.
We worked on painting the kitchen. Laura chose a Terra Cotta color. The cabinets are brown and tan. The dining room is a really warm gold color. The living room will be blue and brown. Andrew and Laura painted the fireplace a chocolate brown. They are intrepid painters.
The washer, dryer, refrigerator and stove were delivered on Friday morning, but the guys said they don't "do gas" and so Laura has had to find someone to help them hook it up.
We worked on getting things moved into the correct rooms on Friday and the guys brought in the bigger items on Saturday.
John worked so hard with Andrew and his friends. He was toting and loading and sorting and running things all over the place. He was rewarded with a trip to Game Stop, where Andrew let him pick out a new game for his DS.
Brendan and Paul stayed with me, but they were also very helpful in entertaining Lucy and being there to yell when we turned things off and on to check for problems with the household systems. There are a few, but they will be sorted out quickly. As with any older home, there is a "getting to know you" period. Having been there myself, I can say that I am really glad that Laura and Andrew bought a "project" instead of a ready-made house. We have been going down the home improvement road for almost ten years now, and I have to say I really love our house. It has all the quirks of an eccentric uncle.
Laura and Andrew will have such an adventure making this place over.
A new deck, carpet upstairs, finishing the rest of the basement. They have great plans.
I am going to really enjoy watching it happen.

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