Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Little Red Haired Girl

We had a very Lucy weekend.
Laura called on Wednesday to see what we were going to be up to for the weekend. Aside from the usual run of the mill stuff, we were miraculously free!
Renee Twigg and her family were going to be coming downstate to a family function, and they offered to let Lucy hitch a ride to Grandma's house.
I went and met them and picked her up late Friday night. There was a bit of confusion in her little head about why she woke up at 11:00 and was not in her bed. She was rather disoriented, understandably, and so I held her for awhile and when it became apparent that I was just going to have to hold her, well I just laid down with her on Paul's bed and that's how we slept.

She got up early the next morning, none the worse for the wear and had a nice breakfast.
We played for while, Nina and Lilly dropped by, and then it was off to piano lessons. Lucy had a great time exploring the basement music studio while the boys had their lessons.
She was quite taken with the drums and the mirrors.
Then we came home and she had lunch and took a really good nap. She was so good about going down!

OK, Mass was less than it could have been.
Or more if you want to look at it that way. You don't often have a three ring circus at Mass. I had a very active Lucy, who did NOT want to be held, Paul, who still needs to be reminded about keeping still and paying attention, and Brendan, who thinks it is HIS job to remind Paul. He is not subtle. I must have gone in and out of the church a half dozen times!

We came home after that and had dinner. Lucy went down at 7:15, like a lamb, and I crashed at 10:00. I was so tired!

Then at 11:30 somebody touched off either some very large firecrackers or a small tactical nuke. It sounded that loud. The cops went tearing up the street about five minutes later. Oh well, glad we didn't have to evacuate.

Today was very nice. We just stayed around the house and did "Lucy" stuff. She played with the boys and was just so cute all day! She hardly cried, except when she was tired and wanted to go down for a nap.
After that Lilly and Nina came back to play for a bit.
I took her over to her Grandma and Grandpa Cooke, and she is going to visit with Aunt Lisa and Josiah until it is time for her to go home tomorrow afternoon.

Yes, there are a few things that I might have gotten done this weekend, but they are just stuff.
Lucy is growing up so fast, she is such a treasure and I am so glad that she was able to come down. I am lucky to get to see Lilly often and I want so much to be the Grandma that the girls remember and enjoyed spending time with. If I let stuff get in the way, and it can, I will wake up some morning and the girls will be 16! Lucy and Lilly won't always be this age. The stuff will always be there.

This is also precious time for the boys. They just love having the babies around! They really need to have the gentling influence of these little people.

Well, I guess I'd better go prepare for Monday. The boys are running wildly around the house and raising the "Monday Alarm". They are secretly plotting to overthrow the Math General. That would be me.
They are trying to figure out how to avoid the "Force of Monday". Hmmm...
I may put in with them...

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