Sunday, May 25, 2008

Summer Time!

Well, it's finally really here!
We are having a very nice weekend of Sun and Fun, with a little yard work thrown in to make it interesting.

The Peonies and Iris' have begun to show their pretty faces. It will be a short show but they are so pretty while they last! There are lovely blooms on the flowers in the planter boxes too!
It's so nice to have the color.

The opening of the pool is the biggest sign that summer has really arrived. It's really not warm at all, but the boys don't care. John is a regular Polar Bear! He went in as soon as he got there.
Remember it's still cold!

Tim has been busy. He is making frames for some pictures that we have had for the basement for years!
They are some prints of Trains and they are a very odd size. I went looking for frames yesterday and couldn't find anything, so Tim went to Home Depot, bought some molding to match the chair rail and built some really nice ones. As soon as they are hung I will take pictures.

The boys have also purchased "Super Soaker" Water guns, and have been soaking each other in a super way all weekend. I don't remember liking water fights, even with those pathetic little plastic water pistols that we had when we were kids. These things deliver about 2 cups of water at about 20 feet! And they love it!
Gotta be a boy thing.

Praying that the weather stays nice.


Anonymous said...

This was so neat to see and read. Loved the little video clip. Yippee! Swimming time is finally here. We know how much the boys love it.
Your flowers are wonderful. So glad you are enjoying your days.
Love, and God bless.
Mom and Dad/Grandma and Grandpa

Mairs said...

All I have to say is...BRRRR!!