Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Dear Lucy...

Today we drove up to Frederick to celebrate Lucy's birthday!
Little Lucy is one year old! It seems like yesterday that she made her great entrance into the world.
What a wonderful year it has been!

Laura found a perfect spot to host the party.
It was in a lodge type hall at a park. The park is huge!
The room where we held the party was very good sized and perfect for the number of people that came. The weather was so perfect! The kids were able to play outside for most of it, which was so nice for them.

Laura planned everything so beautifully.
There was a corner where people could sign a "Guest book". It was a cute storybook and Laura had pens for us to sign it on different pages. A great idea. As Lucy reads the story her mom and dad can show her all the people that came to wish her a happy birthday.

Then there was a really neat activity for all ages.
Laura had the numbers from 2-21 written on little squares of paper. Each person drew one and then we could make Lucy a card for the birthday year that we had drawn. Every year she can open a card from someone who attended her first birthday party!

The kids played a game. Pin the Bee on the flower. I didn't get any pictures of that one.

Laura also had a craft for the kids. They each got a pot and some soil and they planted either marigolds or zinnias. Then they got to bring them home. Paul is so excited about his flowers! He got them out of the car and watered them right away. He can't wait for them to sprout. Some of the kids painted their pots so pretty!

The food was great! There was Pizza from the best pizza place in Frederick, Pasta salad, fruit, Jello and this very interesting dessert. Laura and Suzzy used to make this stuff while they were in college. It's a "Dirt dessert" and boy is it good! It looked so cute in the pots!
There were also the most beautiful cupcakes! I have never seen cupcakes like that before!

The big kids ran around and Lucy, Lilly and Christian crawled around. They were all so tired by the end of the party.
They seemed to have a great time though. Lilly took it all in stride, as usual, and just smiled and danced!
Lucy went home with some beautiful presents. My camera died before that though so you'll have to go to Laura's blog to see them.

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Anonymous said...

I was so glad to find you had made an entry on your blog already for today.
Your Dad is asleep already, but I thought I'd check your blog before bed.
All the pictures are special. What an awesome first birthday for Lucy. And
those cupcakes and other things - wow! Wish we could have been there!!
We will look forward to the Cooke blog with more pictures & journaling.
Love, Mom