Sunday, June 8, 2008

All Good Things...

Well, we are home again.
We had a wonderful week! The House was gorgeous, the beach was spectacular, the weather was perfect, and the time together as a family was precious.

Laura and Andrew were so generous with so many things.
Andrew bought the boys a great kite!
We flew it on the beach and they have plans to take it to a park.
Laura bought me a lighthouse puzzle. I haven't put it together yet, but I will soon.
Andrew took John out for an afternoon of fishing and bought lures for all the boys.
Laura took us all down to the beach and we did family photographs. It will be the perfect thing to make a "vacation" book.
It was so nice to have the time together with the Cooke family. We don't see them nearly enough.
Lucy just kept us all laughing all week.

Still, I am very glad to be home.
There are so many things that you appreciate so much more when you have been away.
Our house is not fancy. It's rather worn around the edges. There are things we make do with.
There is no beach.
Still I learned to love it even more while we were gone. Some of the things I am thankful for:
No dishwasher. I know, inexplicable. It's just me.
No TV!! There was a TV in every room in the vacation house. The boys had a great time watching Animal Planet when it was allowed, but they also spent a lot of time playing, swimming, reading, and talking. I'm so glad they like to do all those things.
A/C window units. I was freezing most of the time we were inside. It was so nice to get back to our house where we have cool spots and warmer spots.

I would like a beach...

It was just a great time away and we hope to do it again next year. We will have to see who would like to join us...

Here are a few more pictures of the last couple of days:Brendan helping Andrew launch his new trick kite.

Andrew and Paul racing in the peewee grand prix.

John, a very serious driver.

And Brendan in his own race.

John's sandcastle.

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I'm Suzanne, from the said...

I know what you mean about the vacation helping you to appreciate home. I am only good for a few days before my heart heads back home. And there is something about the beach that always tugs at you to return, like the moon tugging at the tide.