Monday, June 2, 2008

The Wright stuff and missing colonists...

Tried to post this last night...

Day two... the tourist chronicles.

This morning we decided to make a day of it and do all of our sightseeing.
We knew we wanted to see Kill Devil Hill and the Wright Bros. flight memorial, and I had been wanting to go down to Roanoke Island and see the site of the "Lost Colony". Since driving on the Outer Banks is rather a chore (everything is on one road and the speed limits are...low) we thought we would just head South and do it all in one day.

The Wright Brothers exhibit is really something. This is a piece of the original plane that they flew. It was carried to the moon on one of the Apollo missions. The boys loved seeing the visitors center and the markers that mark the flights. That was really neat. It was kind of a long walk though, and when we turned around and I told them that we were going to walk up the hill to the monument, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the younger two. They did make it, however and Brendan's legs did NOT fall off, as he had predicted they would.

The view from Kill Devil Hill is just gorgeous! There is so much to see.
Lucy is such a little trooper.

After we had seen all that there was to see there, we went to lunch and then down to the site of the first English settlement
at Roanoke Island. You can read more about that here. Needless to say, the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the whole colony leaves the site with an air of mystery, but not a lot to see. The Elizabethan Gardens were put there to mark the place where the colony was.
It is a fascinating story.

After we left Roanoke we came back up North to Corolla and had dinner. Laura made wonderful Chicken Enchiladas!
Then everyone went down to the beach so that Andrew could try out his new kite and the boys could fly the one that they got from Andrew and Laura. It flies like a dream!

Now we are all getting sleepy and I have to get up early. Tomorrow is my day to cook.
I'll post a few more pictures tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

These pictures and your journaling are so nice. We feel like we can take part just a little bit in your fun and exploring.
Yesterday Josh and Rachel were here so we went to the place in your blog where we could read about the Lost Colony. And of course we looked at all your great pictures. We know the boys are having a super time; we hope Lucy is, too.
Lots of love!
Mom and Dad