Thursday, June 26, 2008

Who Said Life was Fair?

I should post a nice long blog about all the things we have been doing with ourselves this week, but I'm afraid there's not much to put into it.
Sunday was nice, we got up to the pool and the boys had a nice long swim.
But all of life is not Sun and Fun, is it?

Monday morning John and Tim woke up with sore throats and fevers, and it's just been a long week at home.
We were supposed to go to the movies and see "The Pirates who Don't Do Anything". It was a free movie and it sounded fun. We never watch the Veggies any more. Well, John felt so rotten that I went down to the library and got out all the Veggie movies that we hadn't seen, (there are quite a few) just to make him laugh. Don't know where I had gotten the idea that he had gotten too old for them, I'm still entertained! We don't spend a whole lot of time in front of the screens, so this was diverting. The other big treat for sickies is that they are allowed to play their DS games in the house, which is an activity that is usually reserved for the car or appointments. They love to play inside because they can play "wireless" against each other. It does help them pass the time.

Brendan gave me quite a scare this evening with his version of the bug. He has had it since Wednesday, and he is really not a complainer, so I figured that he was just going to have the same symptoms as John and it would go about the same way. I had been checking his temp today off and on, but somewhere between about 2 and 6, his fever went up to 105.8!
Scared me to death! He looked ok, and he wasn't lethargic, so we got him into a lukewarm bath and I called the doctor. She said to overlap Motrin and Tylenol and keep him cool. The fever went down pretty quickly, but I am still a bundle of nerves. I am probably going to take him in for a strep test tomorrow, although Tim thinks that the sore throat isn't nearly that bad, and John has come through it without complications. It just hangs on for so long!
I am waiting to see if Paul is coming down with it.

So summer is going to have to wait. No swimming this week!
We'll see how the weekend goes...
We were supposed to go out Saturday for our Anniversary but I think, considering the circumstances, we may have to postpone.

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