Sunday, June 1, 2008

We're havin' fun now!

Oh, we lost our internet last night and I couldn't post this so here it is.

What a great day, and what a Blest one.
We had sun, fun and a wonderful Mass to top it all off!

The boys were up and swimming early this morning. The pool was a bit chilly but they didn't care!
They are totally into this vacation thing!

We headed to the beach at about 10:30 and there was practically no one there. The boys and Lucy and Ben played in the surf and sand and collected shells until we had to come home for lunch. We must have gone through a can of sunscreen! We were keeping an eye on the waves because the tide was coming in and if there's anything I have learned from growing up near the water, it's "never turn your back on the waves". Andrew did. He got his...

After lunch the boys had another swim in the pool. Lucy went in and loved it! She is going to be a little fish! The boys were dunking each other and Tim and splashing everyone. It's a good thing everyone here is so patient!

Dinner was wonderful! Lou Miller made a ham and all the trimmings. We all have to cook one dinner and one breakfast this week. We told her she set the bar pretty high the first night!

After dinner The Merkel's headed down to Kitty Hawk to go to Mass. We got caught in a really wild storm. I was getting a little concerned because we hadn't found the church and the roads appeared to be flooding. We found the right street and turned the corner and the church rose out of the storm. Wow! I was never so Thankful! Mass was wonderful and Fr Walsh is a very nice man. He is familiar with Havre de Grace and knows Fr Paul Henry.

So that is the end of our first day of vacation.

So now we are winding down.


Anonymous said...

This is great! We really appreciate being able to see where you are and the fun you are having. The beach looks perfect for the boys; the sand looks wonderful too. It is so special to see Lucy enjoying vacation with you, too.
What was life like without blogs, anyway? I can hardly remember! Thanks for taking the time to do the blog entry. We will be looking forward to the next installment!
Our love to all you "wet noodles". How are you going to go back home to "life as usual"? Enjoy!!
Hugs and prayers.
Mom and Dad/Grandpa and Grandma

I'm Suzanne, from the said...

Wish we were there!
Miss you guys.