Sunday, July 18, 2010

Golden Reunion....

So Maggie's mom's family is puppy-sitting her brother, Max, for two weeks.
We went down to their house to visit and let the dogs get reacquainted. Maggie had a wonderful time! She was able to run all over the yard and play with Max, who is really very gentle and well behaved. Her mom was playing with one or both of them off and on, but I think she is really enjoying her status as only dog, once again.
This is Tazzy, her mom.

Maggie was a pretty good pup. I was happy with her manners for the most part. At six months, she is allowed to be a little scatter brained and inattentive. She was quite good in the house and sat pretty for a few pictures.
Max is a good boy too, just a little bouncier!
John and Brendan went along, but Paul is still sick so he stayed home with his dad.

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